Saturday, May 26, 2012

Between A Rock and A Hard Place...

  Have you ever felt like this?
Like you're between a figurative rock and a hard place?  Do you get the feeling that you're hanging on to the wrecking ball as it smashes you between two places you really don't want to be?

............Well that's how I'm feeling about a lot of things right now.... :(

Please pray for me as I learn over the coming months how hard it is going to be to confront issues that I never thought I'd have to face.  In being vague, I can explain to you this much: I get to feeling like people use me as their surrogate response to others they'd rather not associate with.  The mature way that I would choose to handle situations as my own adult seems to have too many "loop holes" and therefore isn't a valid response... But as I look through my own intellect and understanding with the peoples in question, I start to realize that I would never treat anybody like that.  I start realizing that the words being put into my mouth are not my own, but it feels like they are the ones that 'need' to be said... Do you ever feel like that?

I have a lot of BIG decisions to make over the next few months for many reasons... And I feel like they are going to be hard decisions to make...

Please keep me in your prayers for now :S

Also, I don't entirely feel like I've been paying God a whole lot of attention, and yet I complain on the sideline about how alone I feel... I do feel that way, but maybe that's because I haven't been relying on God for that companionship :/ I realize this, and yet I deny opportunity after opportunity to spend any time with Him at all.  It's not okay, but you know... It's hard to pull myself up to that...

Well if you've read, thanks for reading.  I know, I need to start talking about things that are happier and more important soon like I started off with, my bad, you guys :))


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