My name is Jessica!
And this is my husband and best bud, Frank.
We have been married for a year and a half; every day brings it's gifts and challenges, but this escapade is rewarding and worth contending for.
I study Psychology and Bible.  Those are two huge favorites of mine.

I am a believer; I am a Christian.  People get to thinking that if they doubt their faith in God, it's because they are really not Christian and therefore leave their faith.  I believe that to 100% believe in God 100% of the time is something we will only be able to do when we are resurrected.  As imperfect and fallen beings we don't have the capability to obtain that persistent faith.  But we are capable of believing at all.  We have moments where we are absolutely certain of what we believe; and we have moments in between where we aren't so sure. We are to work out our faith in those doubting moments so that we can have that believing moment again.  I don't believe that those times of doubts and questions make us unbelievers, or not Christian. I believe that it's those moments where we do believe that make us a Christian.

If you have questions or would like prayer, please see the contact page; it will tell you how to contact me.  Or you could leave a message in the comments section - I love comments.  I hope you learn something while you are here; whether it's a trivial fact, a new way to commune with the Lord, or a new song - keep loving life because there's always more of it to love!


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