Tuesday, January 28, 2014

{Subaru Family}

Frank and I are a Subaru family.
We do not own a Subaru...yet.
Subaru won our hearts over with their fantastic commercials.  I mean, take a looksy through these brilliant developed commercials, and tell me you don't have least have a soft-spot for Subaru forming in your heart:

Subaru shows more concern for the safety of the owners, family love and values, and realistic scenarios.  Sure, their performance is great, but Subaru knows that people who really care about what matters don't look at all the high-tech new gadget thingys all over the place.  They look at the safety of the children that will be inside of it.  They look at the longevity of a vehicle that will hold great memories of roadtrips.  They aren't so worried about going super fast in the middle of the desert, since they'll never be in the middle of the desert, nor is there a place to drive super fast, without limits.  Subaru owners love their Subaru.  Subaru stands for those of us who love memories, love family, love safety, and love people who share these same loves.  Even though we do not currently own a Subaru, we are a Subaru family.

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