Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Waiting List ( and Playlist)

In the meantime, while I'm waiting on my laptop to be fixed, I am able to use my mom's desktop over my Christmas Break home (for the last time!)  I can't access it every day, but I can from time to time!

So in the meantime, I have developed a playlist that's keeping me occupied while I finish packing to move in to our new apartment!  Frank and I will be getting married in 21 days and I am PUMPED!  We signed for our apartment last Thursday -  a monumental milestone.  I stayed there the first two nights working from 8 in the morning until 2-3 in the morning next day trying to get as much unpacked and situated as I can in order for him to live in a clean apartment for the next few weeks and minimize the 'to-do' list once I get back.  For now, he's living in our little home and will be until I get there at the beginning of January.  Then, he'll spend the rest of our break with his parents one last time and I'll rest for a few days before the wedding.  Great planning on our part ;)

So anyways!  Here's the playlist:
  1. Heartlines by Florence + the Machine (she never gets old for me)
  2. Puzzle Pieces by Saint Motel
  3. I Follow Rivers by Lykke Li
  4. Nail In My Coffin by The Kills
  5. Cough Syrup by  Young the Giant
  6. Do You Remember by Ane Brun
  7. Echo Chambers by Parts & Labor
  8. Mowgli's Road by Marina and the Diamonds
  9. So Far From Your Weapon by The Dead Weather
  10. Carry Me by Old Crow Medicine Show
  11. What You Know by Two Door Cinema Club
  12. Pumped Up Kicks by Foster The People
  13. Empire State of Mind by Jay-Z featuring Alicia Keys
  14. Work by Down With Webster
  15. Prowl by Dan Auerbach
  16. Red Paint by Matt & Kim
  17. Murder of Crows by Lindi Ortega
  18. Anna Sun by Walk The Moon
  19. Breath of Life by Florence + the Machine
  20. Psychotic Girl by The Black Keys
There's more where that came from...

Other things I'm waiting for include my foot and a job. 

About my foot: I think that in all the moving up and down flights and flights of stairs carrying all sorts of heavy and light items, putting pressure on my feet that usually isn't there, I have managed to fracture the bottom of my foot.  It's in the ball area under my fourth toe on my right foot.  Great to know, right?  Well I look like I'm limping when I walk because it really hurts :(  I first figured it was just an aggravated nerve because of all the heavy lifting and whatnot.  I broke my tailbone last summer and I have problems with nerves in my limbs when I lay on hard ground or on my back the wrong way or twist my hips a certain way, so I just assumed it was an aggravated nerve or something.  Well it hasn't gone away and after looking up the symptoms, it is possible that I could have fractured my bone - the one that is conveniently right inside my foot so that I can't actually mend it.  So I'm waiting on that to heal :)  This is the guide I'm following, among other minor details from other sources, on how to basically home-treat my foot while it is probably healing:


I have a job, currently, but I feel like I'm getting tired of it.  That's not me whining, that's me feeling like it's time for me to move on to something different.  I am thankful to have a job and I will not quit it until I know for certain that there will be a job waiting for me when it comes time for me to leave my current one.  It's been hard finding one though, so I have not had any luck :/ Maybe God is telling me to stay content for just a little longer because He has something better coming for me :)  I guess we'll see. 

Other than that, I am ready for the wedding to come so that all of this stress and planning can just be over!!!  I'm also excited to be marrying my best friend whom I love so dearly and I am thankful that the Lord is TRULY the center and strings of our relationship - and we don't just say that.

Those are updates for the time being!  Enjoy the playlist!  I hope I get my computer back soon..... :'(

Sunday, December 9, 2012

For anyone who is wondering...

In case anyone has wondered where I have been here on blogger... I hate to say it... but... my computer died.... :( yes it did...

It kept freezing up and the only way to unfreeze it was to force a shut down.  After a few weeks of this happening, I opened a word document for class and it froze... I got upset.  Forced a shut down. Flipped it over.  Pulled out the battery.  Unplugged it from the wall.  then I took a breath...... Plugged it back in. Put the battery back in.  Turned it back on.... "Your hard disk does not exist"..... Me: whhhhaaaaattt!?!?!?! It was just there!!!

So... I took it to Best Buy to see if there was anything to be done.  They let me know that if it was still under warranty, they would be able to send it in to HP and either my deffective motherboard or my defective hard drive would be replaced for free.  Or both if both were the problem.  Phew!  My warranty runs out at the end of December!!  Great, so how much would it cost to extract my data?  I have so much that I don't want to risk losing if they replace something.  "$220"  O.O Are you kidding me??? I asked him, "why does it cost so much?" His reply: "People love their data.  It's important to people." I laughed (at) him and said, "woooww... that's really wrong...." :) So basically, greed is evident even in a squad of geeks.  Taking advantage of people who have things they care about - just because it's important to them.  Woooowwww....  Welp.  Needless to say I said thanks and but didn't need their help.  I even told him with a sarcastic smile that I would go find somebody else who know how to take all of it off.  And I walked away.

In the hunt for someone who actually knew about computers, I got a lot of very generous offers to help fix it or to help extract data (which is all I need) - all of which I have extremely appreciated, truly.  However, one that I figure I could trust over all of those who have asked - not because of relations, but because of skill - my compter and its data is in the hands of the son of one of my professors.  His son is currently working in computer engineering and can "work magic if you put anything with a motherboard in front of him" according to one recommending source.  So hopefully he will be able to at least get my data off and possibly even find out what's wrong with it so that I can send it in to HP and have them cover whatever is wrong with my warranty.  My computer is less than a year old, and I'm really upset with what happened to it :( I still trust HP, because every company has falty computers - yes, even Apple.  I am looking completely forward to getting my computer back!!!!  And actually use it again!!!!

Until then, though, I will have limited access to computers and the internet and I will be spending most of my time studying for exams or spending time with friends and family.  There have been really great bonuses to not having a computer - I have been missing out on a lot of life staying stuck behind my laptop screen, and now that it's not there, peace, God, friends, fiance, and family are so present in my life - moreso than before.  It's been hard, but it has been peaceful not having the buzz of what I should do on my computer next on my mind.  So until next time!