Monday, November 5, 2012

Last Minute Thoughts About Tomorrow's Election

    As we all know, tomorrow is a big day for the United States.  Beginning at 7am, polls will be opened for every American citizen to make their voice somewhat heard concerning who they would trust most with the running of our country.  This election, our two candidates are Mitt Romney and Barack Obama - current President.
    Who am I voting for?  I will not share; both candidates have a lot of good points, shady pieces of their history, and some really crappy responses to questions.  Both are human and I either like both or like neither.  Not one over the other.  However, I am voting - that part is for sure.

    I have friends who feel the election is really no big deal and it's not "really important" to cote because it doesn't really matter in the end.  While I might agree with the fact that I don't necessarily agree with the way we go about our elections, I am an American-born citizen and therefore have responsibilities.

    In high school, in my Gov & Econ class with Mr. Skaris, I learned most importantly that we have rights.  We have freedoms no other country has, we have protections so many people wish they have, and we have rights and amendments like no other.  I may not be very patriotic about the country I live in, but I am thankful for the benefits we have that others envy us for.  The same friends that don't think it's important to vote argue in situations, "It's my right!  I have the right do fill-in-the-blank because I'm an American!" as well as other statements.  However, they don't seem to truly understand anything about being an American citizen besides the fact that we have the freedom of speech.

    As American citizens we are called in duty to three things: paying taxes, being willing to join arms in dyer emergency, and vote.  We can speak freely, be gay freely, have sex freely, go to church freely, wear anything freely, go to school freely, do dumb stuff freely, whatever we really want to within reason freely.  No, I don't necessarily approve or agree with some of the things we are free to do, but the point is: as long as we're in this country, nothing is stopping us from doing so.

    I go to a Bible college where one of our main "textbooks" is the the Holy Bible - the inspired Word of God.  Anywhere else in the world, I would have been dead a long time ago.  I am thankful for the fact that I, as a woman and Christ-follower, have the opportunity to access such great things.  Sadly though, some of my friends even here at this school don't see the point of carrying out civic duty when called to do so.

    You see, the United States of America - while flawed - tries to cater to the needs of the people, even if it doesn't always seem so.  We have alllllllll these opportunities to grow and transcend to a higher state of being in society.  And yet, all this country asks us for in return are three things: pay taxes, be willing to take up arms if necessary (which obviously we have never really had to worry about), and vote.  VOTE.  One of only three things that we are asked of in return for all the protection and freedom assured us.  One of the simplest forms of service to the country: drive down the road and vote in each election.  It's really not that big of a deal to do.  You see?

    While I have absolutely no say over the people of this country, I think it's our responsibility to have some unbiased knowledge of what is going on in politics that concern us as the people.  I, myself, have no true care for politics in any way.  Most times, I could care less.  But I know that electing a new president or re-electing a current president has everything in the world to do with me, so I learn just enough to have an idea of who would best represent me.  I've heard it said that "neither of the candidates represent me."  Well, in this election, neither of the candidates entirely represent me either for many reasons.  But that doesn't mean I can just toss it aside.  One of them has views that more represent me than not, and that's the one I think could possibly do well in office.  Point is, I am an American citizen, and if I am to claim this, I need to act and live like one responsibly: vote!

    Another thing is this: "I think Obama can make great change in our country!" or "I think Romney can do a better job than Obama!"  Truth is, both of them will do only a mediocre job in office because they are two different ends of the spectrum.  You cannot expect some great enlightening change from any president ever to come into office: they will do things their way and in the way THEY think is best for the United States.  You cannot truly believe that one will do better than the other like they try to make you believe, they will simply do it different from one another.

    These are way last minute, but I want to get it out for those of you who think you're not voting tomorrow. Remember, if you don't vote, you have no right to complain about who's in office.