Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Let My Life Be The Proof of YOUR Love

  Sometimes I really realize how big of a hypocrite I can be sometimes...
For the past few days/weeks I've been antsy about this Tuesday night's first Bible study of the summer that I organize and lead.  I feel under prepared as opposed to where I should be and I sure hope that SOMEbody comes... I've been really nerve-wrecked.

  In the chaos of nerves, I admitted that I have not been spending the time with God that I've needed to in order for my soul to be fed and quenched of thirst.  It took a long time for me to do anything about it though.  Finally, on Sunday morning, I decided that I don't need refined sugars in my life for a little while.  It's not good for me, and it's distracting from my walk in even the minor of cases.  So away with it! And in its place, I decided that with the mere thought of sugar, I would dive into my Bible until I no longer felt hunger pains for refined and artificial sugars!  Yesterday, for example, I started reading Daniel - which I have never actually read in its entirety!!!  Bad Bible student, bad!  But I have REALLY been enjoying my time with God through Scripture, I can feel my soul getting stronger again.  This is a really good thing!  One of the things I like to do (and that I feel is necessary for me for Spiritual growth) is to get rid of all of my own earth music for a couple of days and only fill my ears with the message of God's hope and love, and praises!  A song that has really captivated me in its truth is "The Proof of Your Love" by for King and Country. They are a Christian rock band from Australia.  The message of this song is this: If I do everything in the name of God; if I help everyone who needs help; if I reach out to those who need Him; if I take the Gospel into the mountains; if I do anything at all for the glory of God - but I do not have love in my heart like Christ's for ALL people, then I just ruined a LOT of things, and I more poor than the poorest of these that I've served.  Hot dang!  If I do all this, but I don't show Christ in my life, I'm not doing too much good at all.

  All throughout Scripture you hear about how love is the most important out of everything God has given us.  In Greek, love is so important to define hat there are an unbelievable five words that sound similar but all describe a different kind of love from the others.  In English, we have ..."love."  And that's it.  We treat it like it's all the same too: premarital sex because two "love each other"; adultery and extramarital affairs because "I love my wife or husband, but they don't meet all my needs and therefore, I need to find love elsewhere." THIS IS NOOOOOOT LOVE - NOT love.  That is all sex - that is not love.  Love in the physical form is this: a man and woman made for each other love each other so much that they respect each others bodies, and hold each other over themself.  They do not seek out evil of this world (like in 1 Corinthians 13) and do not disgrace the design God made them to be as pure, Christ-filled, God-honoring beings.  They remain abstinent until they are joined in marriage in front of God.  Once they are married, they have a new respect for each other's bodies and continue to honor each other over themselves.  They are truly in love with each other to commit their life together into God's hands, and respect one another in love to honor the gift God has given them. THAT IS LOVE!  Not this screwy "I love so-and-so so we are going to move in together and do marry people things because we don't think committing to marriage is necessary." That is a lame excuse for your wrongdoing.


  Why am I a hypocrite? Not because of what I just said - that is sound REAL Christian (Christ-following) doctrine.  But because I listen to this song by for King and Country all the way from work up to the Rooster.  I have been prepping myself and praying all day for guidance and wisdom, open hearts and open minds, and on the way uptown, I listen to, "Let my life be the proof - the proof of Your love.  Let my love look like You and what You're made of; how You lived, how You died - Love is sacrifice...." And I had just gotten done with practicing tonight's lesson in my office explaining how we are to be more like Christ and remember the example He had shown.  I'm walking up the sidewalk towards a stop sign and there are these two boys in their car with the stereo and bass blasting, rattling every nook and cranny of their poor shabby car.  They look out the window and I see a red lanyard hanging from their rear view mirror (indicating they are either in high school, or just graduated) and they roll down the window and pretend to be wrapping the lyrics to me - like they're going to impress me or something.  And I think, "hoodlums," roll my eyes at them and walk the other way.


  After everything I've been praying for, and everything I've been singing about, I let a chance go by where I should have ran up to their car and asked if they were high school graduates, then invited them to Bible study - THAT would have been Christ's love in me!!!  But no, I had to be like the rest of the world :(

Take a gander at this song and see how it convicts you of being the way you are.  REMEMBER: you must find YOUR error first, then work on it OVER TIME before you can immediately jump down someone else's throat about how THEY could learn a lesson ;)

God is good all the time; and all the time, God is good. :)


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