Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Venus Transit Today!

I have been telling people for a little over a month now about this rare occurrance!  Today, June 5, 2012, Venus is to come between the Earth and the Sun - an event that happened on June 8th, 2004, and before then, had not happened in a little over a century, and an event that will not happen again until Christmas of 2117.  No one living at this moment will live to see another great rare phenomenon like this for over a hundred years.  The only other thing we are looking forward to at the moment is the alignment of the planets with the sun later this year in December (you know, what the Mayans were predicting with their calendar?). 

On the East coast of North America, we will be able to see this happen at an estimated 6:03 this afternoon.  According to the Weather Channel, if you live in the same strip as Chicago's timezone, you can see it around 4:15.  Over near the Los Angeles area of NA, you can see this at around 3:04.  In all, all of North America will have a chance to view this rare occurrance in our world's history! 

Be sure not to look into the sun without some heavy duty protection over your eyes.  I've heard that welder's glasses and radiation shades are good ideas to use in order to look directly at the sun and see the little black dot of venus moving across it.  Otherwise, I have heard from my mother you can prick a little hole into a piece of paper and stare at the black dot.  She also said something about using a saltine cracker to look into, or look at the ground, or something like that (I have no idea, but I'll let you know once I understand it entirely).  Anyweawys, do not look directly at the sun - even with 100% UV protection sunglasses - you can burn a hole straight through your retinas, and you will never be able to see again.  You can't just fix your retinas.  So head my warning.

Here is a picture to give a little tidbit of information on venus:

I will post an update about this spectacular event - that I am so proud to be a part of in my own history - and I will find great pictures and other footage that will keep this piece of history wide alive for a long time.  FYI, the link I have connected to the WEather Channel above gives you more information about this event, and has video of meteorologists and astronomers talking about this rare spectacle.  Check it out for more info!


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