Tuesday, February 25, 2014

{Golden: My 22nd Birthday}

This was my Golden birthday.  Some don't know what that means: it means my age is now the same number as my birthdate; 2/22 is my birthday and I am now 22! Golden!
The weekend as a whole was just perfect.  Frank got all of my closest friends together to surprise me at the Mellow Mushroom; even my friend from Florida drove up to see me and spend time with me!  I just want to say: I have the greatest friends in the world, hands down.  On my birthday, I painted my nails bright colors and tried something new: adding decoration things to them!  They turned out alright.
Frank and I went for a walk down to our backyard, and we took some good pictures there.
The next day I spent some time with Annelise, drinking hot tea and walking around the entire campus.  Boy I miss her already!  
I got phone calls from mom, dad, lovely cousins, and Hannah ;)
I felt so  loved by everyone who knows me and knew it was my birthday.  SO LOVED.
The start to my golden year was perfect, and I am excited to be 22!

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