Sunday, December 15, 2013

{Farewell} Not Goodbye

To my dear friend, AnnĂ©lise:
Thank you for all the talks we had in the past two years - especially the ones recently.  Thank you for our walks and the fun plans we played around with for the future.  Thank you for understanding that someday Frank and I will have 19 children - all named AnnĂ©lise - and we will be living in the same one bedroom apartment.  Thank you for being such a great friend.  I am proud of you and how brave you have been through all you have faced, and you are the bomb dot com for who you are.  Although you are done with school, although you are moving on, although we will not exist on the same campus anymore, I still love you and I will miss those times when people ask if we are sisters (from another mister), but I will always consider you to be just that ;) Now who's going to laugh when I act thug and country?
This is farewell, for now, not goodbye - never goodbye :)

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