Wednesday, January 1, 2014

{Our Backyard}

These are just some pictures from Christmas Eve (2013) that I forgot to post.

The idea of this time we had together was to pick up sticks and small pine cones to make the star for our Christmas tree.  It turned out beautifully, despite the burn it left on my thumb.  While we were out there, we stopped for an hour to admire our "backyard".  Since we don't live in an actual house, we don't literally have a backyard.  This section of land (known as The Point) looks out over most of Columbia, viewing the city, the Broad River, and fields with livestock further out.  It is simply peaceful.  God has given us such an amazing view of His beauty through our backyard.  You can see in one of the pictures a bird flying in the distance; where he is, he is far above the ground below him.  But we are high enough on our little hill that his high height is eye-level with us.  How incredible.  These are some memories of our backyard.

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