Monday, September 2, 2013

Emily's Senior Photos

Back in June, I spent a weekend with my sister Emily.  She just started her senior year of high school and, boy, is she excited!  I remember those days of counting down until we were out of the small town public school system, the wrath of teachers who didn't like kids, and getting out from under our parents' (loving) control.  And now my little sister is going through that same stamina dn senioritis this year!  I'm so proud of her and how hard she's worked over the past 17 (and a half) years of her life :)  She asked me to take her senior pictures for her since usually the people who do the professional pictures charge a gazillion dollars for a few select prints.  I am no professional, and she knows that, but she asked me to take these for her anyways.  I was honored :)  Here are scenes from the life of Emily beginning her senior year of high school!

One more year Emmy!!  You can do this!!! And we are all excited for you to make it here with us next school year!!!!!!! :D

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