Monday, September 2, 2013

Trying To Get Into It Again


Frank, Peter and I all ran together this time.  I was a little nervous at first since I hadn't run since last Monday, and since I'm a girl and therefore typically a little slower than these big buff men.  However, I was able to keep up with them for the first lap.  On the second lap, Frank sped up a bit (since he's little speedy Gonzales) and Peter was only a few feet behind me (doing great!)  We all finished our first lap at 4:48.  In the last leg of the second lap (since Peter and I only ran two laps each) Peter sped up and passed me.  I didn't think to clock his time, but I would have to say that he finished roughly 8-10 seconds before I did.  I came in finishing one mile at 9:35!  Frank finished 2 miles at 18:10!  And Peter, I'm estimating, finished at about 9:26!  We all did a great job, stretched and cooled down.  I'm still not back up to par with where I once was only a few weeks ago, but I'm getting there ;)


Peter, Frank and I cross trained today.  We went up to the gym to do this.  Here's what I did:

I started off with the guys doing a quarter mile run.  Then I moved to the weight machines.

20 reps of lower back at 60 lbs.
20 reps of Glutes at 40 lbs.
20 reps of Pectoral Fly at 30 lbs.
20 reps of Chest Press at 30 lbs.
20 reps of Row at 30 lbs.
20 reps of Shoulder Press at 30 lbs.
20 reps of Lat Pull Down at 60 lbs.
20 reps of Adductor at 35 lbs.

I finished this by riding a mile on the bike at level 8.


Today I ran two miles!  Peter, Frank and I met and ran separately tonight.  Here were my lap times and final 2-mile time:

Lap 1: 5:41
Lap 2: 11:20
Lap 3: 17:12
Lap 4: 23:00

I ran 2 miles in 23 minutes!  Frank ran 2.5 miles in 23:15!!!  And (sorry Peter!) I don't remember Peter's time, but he did an excellent job at finishing two miles!

I didn't do as well as the last time I ran two miles, but hey jack, I think I still did pretty good in my effort to bounce back.  I honestly don't think I'd be able to keep going like this if it weren't through God's encouragement through my sweet husband :) Thanks sweetie, I love you :)


Today was a really long day... that ended lovely with returning from Bible study with my friend Anna :)  Since we got back around 9-9:30ish, I decided I was going to stay in and spend some time with my hubby.  My health and fitness is important, but my husband is my priority :)


Rest Day


I went and saws a baby today... Somewhere in between that and the football party Frank and I had, I forgot about running :(  I've been very slack about it this week...  However, one of the things Frank and Peter did tonight inspired someone else.  Another friend of ours, Terrance, came over for the football party we had.  That night, Frank and Peter were prepping for a run, and Terrance helped by timing them.  When they got done, Terrence said he wanted to join them next time.  Now Frank's duo is a trio! :D

Prayers for my Getting in Shape Journey

Please pray that I continue to grow closer to the Lord in understanding my purpose for His Kingdom.  I have learned more how God is using me in this process to reach out to other people - believers and unbelievers alike.  Please pray for God to continue to use my journey and struggles that accompany to help someone else, even if it's only one other person.  Please pray for me to continue growing physically in strength and endurance so that I can learn how to discipline myself better, take care of myself, and do what is best for the body God gave me.  Pray that the enemy quits attacking me in these many different ways (through distraction, injuries, stubbornness, etc.) and that, when he does attack, I'll be prepared to defend myself.  Finally, please pray that I not see myself in a negative light, that I don't put myself down or speak poorly of myself when I mess up, don't do well, or don't do anything.  Please pray that I can learn to love myself more and see myself as a child of God, and not as a separate entity from God.  Thanks to all of you who already pray for me, I love you!

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