Wednesday, August 21, 2013

First Day Back?

It was ...kind of like any other day.  The only differences: I didn't have to work for 8 hours today and I had to go to Hoke for the first time in three and a half years.  I think Public Speaking won't be that bad... I've already taken Communicating to Youth, which is like a public speaking class geared towards youth.  And I've taken half of a public speaking course online (yes, online - ask me how they do that...) from a tech school. It won't be that bad.  Plus, I sit next to the hottest guy in school ;) (my husband).

The day wasn't so bad for Frank either.  He's looking forward to his Five Great Novels class, thinks it'll be a lot of work, but is ready for it!  He thinks the same as I do about Public Speaking ;)  Besides, what's he got to worry about: he's graduating this year!

We had a great start to the semester! I'll let you know more about our tomorrow schedules.

I have worn this same outfit every first day of school for the past four years.  This style ain't neva gonna go outta style B)

Too cool for school.

And my hair is getting long enough to curl again... hooray!
Happy 2013-14 school year, everyone!

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