Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Few Facelifts To My Blog

I've been going through a blog-identity crisis, I guess you can say, as I'm trying to make my blog more comfortable and efficient for me and my readers.  I've made some major changes to my blog just now... without really thinking about it... I hope it doesn't bother anyone... I mean, it is my blog... :P So here are those changes:

  1. The background no longer has color, it is white.  This may change to something just a little more colorful, like maybe stripes or something.  That way there is less distraction for those who read, and more attention is paid to the things I have written and things you may or may not be interested in.
  2. I changed the URL address of my blog again... I'm so sorry :(  It went from JBRAZBLOG.BLOGSPOT.COM to JAY-ELLE-BEE.BLOGSPOT.COM - why?
  3. Because I also decided to change my blog name.  I'm tired of having blog names that can't line up with the URL address, so I changed it to something that hasn't been used by anyone else.  The name of my blog is now: Jay Elle Bee.  Why? My initials, that's pretty simple.  And I like the little bumble bee!  Plus, being able to have something small that's memorable is good if I want to make a favricon for myself.  A favricon.  That will be the next thing I add to my blog ;)
I'm sorry to those of you who liked what my blog looked like before, who follow me via URL, and who liked the name I used to have for it.  However, changes are made every day in the world, and none of them last.  This blog is merely me recording what my mind is saying in the very short time that I am here on earth.  Once I'm gone, so will be my blog.  Nothing to get worked up about :)  Thanks for reading, my friends and fellow bloggers.  I love you all, and I will blog again soon! :)


  1. I *LOVE* your new blog header. Your blog looks really "fresh" and professional. :)

    Angela @ A Typical English Home

  2. Thanks Angela!! It's thanks to you and your fantastic tutorials and advice ;)


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