Friday, August 23, 2013

Frank's 21st Birthday!

August 21, 2013 marks another fantastic year in my history!  My darling beloved husband, Frank, turned the ripe old 21!  He had a great birthday, and keeps letting me know just how happy he is ;)

To celebrate, I got him two presents: Skyrim (video game), and an old book from the 70's about Revolutionary War era attire.  His parents got him some great books that he really wanted, including the entire Game of Thrones book series!  And we ended the night by going to a restaurant of his choice: Tokyo Grill on Forest Drive!  I made him breakfast: egg skillet with grilled mushrooms, tofurkey, pepper and a side of toast with cream cheese and key lime jelly.  In our first class together at 10am today, I let the entire class know that it was his birthday, and although he doesn't like attention, he appreciated my proud-wife gesture when everyone sang out to him!  Every person I passed, with him or not, found out that it was my special one's birthday, and he got so many greetings! Although We both had work and class, he still had a great day.  I will let him "guest blog" right quick about his day, what he's learned in the past year, and what he is looking forward to in the next year:
Happy birthday, panky!
[Well, normally I am hesitant to share such deep and personal thoughts, but you don't say no to the woman who ignores the fact that you are a major nerd... In the past year, I have learned just a few thematic things. First, and most recently, I have learned that I should love people, even those I find idiotic or immature. Second, I have learned that marriage is the most difficult, fun, and rewarding thing in life, all at the same time. Third, the order in which I will finish my academic career. As far as my birthday itself: For the first time, I awoke without excitement, I just opened my eyes and began the day. And then my wife gave me my presents, nerdy in the full. My day resumed a feeling of normalcy as I endured two classes and shift at work. However, the day was made special by an excellent dinner and even more excellent company. I would prefer not to presume what I expect to learn in the next year, but assure everyone that it could be anything. ]

I am honored to be your wife, and I love you so much! I'm glad you had a great birthday, sweetheart! :D

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