Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Getting In Shape: The First Week Back To School

This week was so dishearteningly slow... I hardly did anything in terms of working out... :(  Here's my week:


Monday night, Frank ran with our friend, his running buddy, Peter.  They both did a great job!  All of us chose to only run one mile.  Peter finished at 9:36, Frank finished at 9:42.  They ran a mile in under 10 minutes!  Great job, guys! :)

We only chose a mile because it was soooo muggy outside.  As I started running, I felt like I was going to collapse from suffocation.  So I didn't go too far.  However, these were my times:

Half mile: 4:52
1 mile: 9.46

So I didn't do all that bad.  I really need to get back on the bandwagon with running though!  My body keeps giving me these little pains and it's effecting how I feel while I run.


This was the first day of school... I was exhausted when I got home, and ended up not doing anything... :(


Today was Frank's birthday! Yaaaayyy!  Happy birthday, Frank! :D And it was the second day of classes, so I had three classes - all pretty stressful classes - and then he and I celebrated his birthday.  I did not go out and run... :(


I did a Pilates DVD!  With Karen Garcia.  It was just strange.  I definitely like yoga better.  And I don't really fell it did anything to help em at all...  I just rolled around and held my legs a lot - haha!  But I didn't do anything else :(  I feel unreasonably overwhelmed.  Not that I have waaaaay too  much to handle right now, but because I'm letting myself be more overwhelmed than is reasonable at this point.  I got a good amount of homework done on time last night, and I am ahead of the game in reading for one of my classes :) I really need to get back into running again...


Rest Day


I didn't do anything today, it was the day we were going out to lunch with friends and going to dinner with family to celebrate Frank's birthday!

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