Wednesday, January 22, 2014

{My-Life Mosaic} Jan 21

I enjoy carrying my camera around.  I love being able to take pictures of things I know that, sometimes, memory just can't suffice.  A lot of times, people try to comfort you by saying, "we'll always have the memory" but fer serious - do you really remember all those times you could only have the memory?  Yeah, maybe (as some people say) that's because we don't use our minds like we used to, but even then, do you think we would really remember everything.  I want to remember everything.  I'm a pretty sentimental person.  Am I alone when I say this: when I was young, I wanted to get away from home so bad... I couldn't wait!  And even though, now, I enjoy being out on my own, I've noticed how much I really do miss home, that old refuge, the old place I grew up in.  No I'm not alone, because - even in some small way - everyone misses something about their home.  I like looking at pictures of home sometimes because it's like comfort food for my memory.  When you're hungry and want something to eat, sure thinking of food makes it somehow a little bit easier to cope with the hunger.  But actually having food to eat satisfies that hunger completely.  In this case, remembering home is good, but actually seeing pieces of home help to sooth the soul.  Although right now I really can't wait to leave this place, I know someday I'll miss it.

Tuesday, January 21
 This is the first thing I looked at yesterday morning.  I noticed that a bit of dust has collected on it.  Hubby usually gets that off for me.  I love the little things he does for me.
 The sky is my headboard!  This is the second thing I saw this morning; blue sky with a few puffy cumulus clouds.
 My husband loves ties, this shirt, and he works in the kitchen.  He gets little stains everywhere and doesn't realize it.
 I like hard boiled eggs.  I'm a vegetarian and therefore need extra foods in my diet for protein purposes.  I'm thankful the caf offers these little babies!
 Someone was sweet enough to share their sweetness with the rest of the admin building yesterday.  I can always go for a little piece of chocolate (peppermint bark).
 I've always known this chandelier was hanging in the lobby, but I've never really stopped and looked at it.  No, it's not grand, but it's very pretty, and adds a bit of charm to the rest of the building.
 Here's a new clock face I'm getting used to looking at - right outside my office.  I look at it everytime I pass it to see what time it is - even if I just checked a minute ago.
These are the doors to the closet in my office.  For some reason, I really appreciate the old round pull knobs that allow it easy open.  I just like the fact that they're round!


That was my yesterday, as I celebrated my brother's birthday.  It's funny how much more I'm noticing now that I'm paying attention.  I feel like Sherlock!  "You see, but you don't observe."
I'm still rattling through some ideas of things to call this little personal project.  For now, I will keep it the same, but soon there will be a new name.

Have you noticed anything new in your environment?

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