Wednesday, January 22, 2014

{The Life Inspiring} January 22

Today was the first day back to school.  I had three classes and work.  Two of those classes gave me two syllabus slaps with a bunch of reading. My least favorite assignment given for every class is a ton of reading.  But I guess I have no choice, right?  What was interesting about today was that two-thirds of my professors had cool cups with 'kid story' characters on them.  No shame in that! I thought that was really cool.  It was good to be back in class, even though it feels like we never left last semester.

Wednesday, January 22
 The sun was so bright this morning!
 The Lorax!  Brought in by Dr. Caudill to Abnormal Psychology.
 I love seeing the sun shining through the trees on my way to class.  It's neat when I take a picture, I can look and see all the spindly twigs sprouting out from the branches.
 Philosophy class.  I hate this book.  This guy is a horrible philosopher with really bad arguments.  It's infuriating to see the way so many people think about Christianity.  The reason they have this view of Christianity is because of all the people whose lives don't line up with what they say they believe...
 Peter Rabbit!  Belonging to Dr. Gentry in Philosophy.  Frank loved Peter Rabbit as a kid.
 When Frank and I were just beginning to know each other, I mistakened one of these lights for the moon!
 The Boulevard is lined with flags from every country represented by our graduates.  Seeing these lines of flags was the first time I felt God telling me that CIU is where I belong.  Can you name the countries these flags belong to?
 I. love. Subaru.  We don't own a Subaru, unfortunately, but we are definitely a Subaru family!!
 Good ol' Dr. Farra.  I love being a Psychology major.
 If there is ever an opportunity opened to us to go, Sweden is where Frank and I have always felt called to to serve!  I hope we can go someday, even if it's only for short-term!
 There's another clock!
 Our teachers leave out puzzles and games for us in the hallways.  Sounds childish?  Wouldn't it stop you in the hall?  Yeah, it works ;)
 I was spying on Frank while he was in class!!!
 The view of sunlight coming through the window in the room next to me.
 I've never noticed the old time fire alarm in the hallway!
And the last rays of light leaving me for the night.  God gave us a beautiful first day of school!

I decided on a name for this little project!  The Life Inspired.  Because all of these things, taken for granted, inspire our every day lives.  We don't really think about it, but it's true.  How much do you pay attention to what you see at the first minute of the day?  Or how things on the walls have really because 'wallflowers'?  Our life is subconsciously inspired by the small things.  The life around us is inspiring us, even when we don't notice.  Life inspiring us is open-ended; how will life around you inspire life yet to be seen?  Think about it.

The day started with a beautiful sunrise and gorgeous blue sky and ended with the most beautiful colors!
How was your day?

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