Tuesday, January 21, 2014

{My-Life Mosaic} Jan 17-20

Last week, I decided that I wanted to start carrying my camera around everywhere I go.  I want to try this for the semester, but it might extend to the rest of 2014.  The purpose?  Two purposes:

1.)  I see the buildings and trees and other structures around us (this is gonna sound cheesy) as a "blank canvas" of sorts.  Other than regular wear-and-tear, and maybe some growth and vegetation, our surroundings basically stay the same.  However, everything else changes and moves around.  Since the earth is a "canvas," we humans (and animals) are the portrait being painted.  The problem with this painting: we won't be here forever.  How often do you see someone walking a dog in an animal-free environment?  How often do you notice that big clock at work?  Sure these things happen, but how often?  Maybe we know these things are there, but do we take them for granted?  I don't want to take pictures of things people see all the time; I want to take pictures of things people don't notice.  I want to take pictures of things that aren't there everyday - they are painted there today, but are wiped away and forgotten tomorrow.  I want to capture the small things that slip our minds and attention, but we'll remember when we see them later.

2.)  The second purpose is much less impressive: I want to practice.  I'm not a licensed professional photographer.  I don't have all this chunky, expensive equipment.  I don't have super pricey editing software.  I don't own a Mac.  I'm not very tech-saavy.  None of that.  I have an old, hand-me-down, camera that doesn't have a working flash.  It's manual; I have to focus my own lens because it is not point and shoot.  It takes practice to use, and I'm finding out new things about it every day.  I've had it for almost three years now, and the more I've used it, the better I've gotten.  I want to keep learning, and keep getting better.  So I want to carry it around and practice.  Every day.  Everywhere.

So for now, I will share some pictures I have taken in the past few days as I've run through my mind whether or not I want to do this.  Keep a look out for more posts like this, and soon I'll add a tab for {My-Life Mosaic}. (and.. maybe I'll think of a more clever name)

Friday, January 17
 My path to and from the school, and work.
 Frank has been working checker at his job.
 I love freshly-sliced cucumbers.
 I love healthy lunches that include egg sandwiches.
 I got some coupons from a friend.
 I think about my sweetheart while I'm at work.
 I always look at this clock when I pass it.
 There are so many different bowls in the cafeteria.
 Sometimes, I forget the signs are there.

Saturday, January 18
 I love the way the light hits the steps.
 There are a lot of children here, and it's lovely hearing them from outside while they play.
 I love that the fruit (good stuff) and the confections (junky stuff) are in the same location.. tempting..
 I love the little bunnies Frank makes out of lemons to decorate the food.
 I got this fruit from some friends.  I love fruit.  I don't like pineapple.
 Frank is working through some personal stuff, and I get to help him.

Sunday, January 19
 All caught up with Sherlock, we got to watch the long-waited new episode to season 3!

Monday, January 20
 This is the view from my pillow when I wake up in the morning.  I always say: who needs a headboard when the sky is our headboard!
Frank loves to read, and we love old clocks, and our engraved ships.  I don't mind that the one on the left is crooked.

Look around you today, and try to notice the little things.  How often do you take them for granted?
Share some parts of your day that you've never noticed.

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