Friday, January 17, 2014

{Workout While Waiting}

So I'm getting my back fixed this year (hooray!!) and part of that excitement comes a small disappointment: I can't run... Or do anything high-impact... Or do anything that twists my back in funky ways...

Sooo... I can walk.  The thing is, I'm not going to settle for just walking, and I've been trying to find some things to do while I'm waiting to be completely realigned that is more than just walking.  Here's a video I've decided to try (modified for back purposes) to keep my abdomen [somewhat] in shape.

I'm trying to stay safe with my back while I do these workouts, and I understand: just because I'm doing ab workouts doesn't mean I'm going to have abs; it means my abs will be strong beneath the layer of hibernation on my belly.  However, it's something to keep my mid-section strong and flexible, and it's better than doing nothing at all ;)

As I experiment more with low-impact workouts, I'll give you some tips I learn.  Who knows: maybe this is a good chance for me to branch out a bit more? 

What are some good low-impact workouts you like to do to stay in shape?

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