Wednesday, December 11, 2013

{Winter Formal 2013: Wanderlust}

This year's CIU Winter Formal theme was "Wanderlust".  It was beautiful.  There were multiple food stations offering basic foods from different places in the world.  Some of these places included Brazil, Paris, Hong Kong, and others.  We rode to Formal with our friend Jonah and our new friend Makayla (Jonah's girlfriend), and along with them, we sat at a table with our friends Megan, Alan, Courtney and Jeremy.  We danced to music from the swing era all the way to the Disco era; there was no raunchy business like you'd see anywhere else, and there was nothing but fun and respect for everyone there.  Everyone looked so good!

After eating, we danced...

I left my camera at home for this one - I wanted to be the one having fun, not the one missing out because I'm stuck behind a camera this time ;)  Thanks to our friend Jonah, we have these few snapshots of the time we had on Friday.  It was so much fun :)

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