Tuesday, December 10, 2013

{Brazell Interviews} Christmas!

So Frank pulled one out of the hat tonight!  It was a sweet and thoughtful surprise for him to have an arbitrary interview with me for my blog!  In this video, we discuss the things we love most about Christmas, what we are looking forward to, and I ask you a question to answer ;)  I hope you enjoy this little snippet of our lives and where we're at right now.  Love, Frank and Jessica!

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{I didn't think to check myself before speaking about my favorite Christmas Carol: yes, Israel had a relationship with God before Jesus, the redemptive channel was through the Temple.  I was simply referring to a relationship with God that did not require burnt sacrifices through one mode of redemption.  Jesus brought the beginning of the Church, which means we can have communion with God anywhere at anytime, just as you would with a relationship - just want to make that clear ;) }


  1. You two broke the cute-barometer. Jared is excited to get books and Kerry is excited for Jared to stop talking about the books he wants for two weeks. =) (Kerry is really excited about getting to hang out with Jared allllll day every day!)

    1. Haha thanks Jared and Kerry!! You guys are too cool. B)


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