Thursday, November 7, 2013

{Duck Boots}

Frank and I, since before we were married, have been craving to be more outdoor active.  We really want to take more weekend trips to hiking around the Appalachian mountains and the Blue Ridge area, we want to go fishing in these great places (I want to try fly fishing!), backpacking, kayaking, weekend camping trips, and maybe someday take on some biking trails.  We already love doing most of these things and we really wish we can do them more regularly.  Hopefully as we get to be more financially stable as the years of our marriage go on, we'll be able to start living this lifestyle that is out in the world that God made, away from the world that man made.

I've always wanted a pair of duck boots for winter.  I had a pair of them when I was younger while I still lived in Chicago.  We would all get a pair for winter because they were good and cozy protection from the snow.  We would wear them under our snow pants and heavy jackets!  Duck boots were originally made by Leon Bean in 1912 in Maine.  He wanted something that was good for hunting ducks in the snow and in the swamps, but were still comfortable and insulating.  So he made these little guys!  These boots would be really good for walking around watery parts of the mountains, for fishing, for hiking, and so on.  Hopefully I could invest in a pair of these soon!
L.L. Bean
What kind of outdoor gear do you like to use?

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