Tuesday, November 5, 2013

{Lemon Water}

There are so many beverages and foods people start off their day eating.  Some of them taste good, some of them are kinda weird, most of them aren't necessarily good for us - at least not for the first thing we eat.  Some people like drinking smoothies or juice blends - and there's nothing wrong with that!  Had my blender not totally died, I would be making those same concoctions every morning!  However, thanks to a dear cousin of mine, I know about something that's less obvious, blender-free, and better to start my day than anything else is:

Warm Lemon Water!

All you do is pour a glass of filtered warm/lukewarm water into your glass, squeeze some fresh lemon juice into it, and drink it!  I'm not a lemon fan, I don't like lemonade, and I'll be honest: I didn't like this when I first started drinking it in the mornings, but there are SO MANY health benefits that you receive from putting lemon water into your body first thing in the morning, and then sipping on it throughout the day.

Here are some reasons why lemon water in the morning is the best thing for you to have:

#1.  Aids Digestion The best way lemon water helps is by aiding your digestive tract.  Lemon water is actually used as ritual for Ayurveda, or Yogic, traditions used to stimulate the digestion for the day, clearing the tract of any toxins and bacteria that have settled in the intestines overnight.  Citrus flavonols are believed to be the culprit of this digestive tonic.  Plus, the antioxidant Vitamin C that is found in lemons helps reduce the risk of peptic ulcers caused by bacteria in the digestive tract.  Because of these properties, your urinary tract is also cleansed and taken care of.

#2.  Gives Your Immune System a Boost  Lemons have strong anti-viral, anti-bacterial properties.  They also have the Vitamin C our bodies so desperately need in times of stress.  When we are at the most stressed point of our day, our levels of Vitamin C drop first.  This is why it's easier for us to get sick when we are so busy and have a lot to handle.  Drinking lemon water in the morning, and throughout the day, helps to give our immune system a little boost and keep it going when times get rough.

#3.  Anti-Inflammatory Agent  It's important for everyone to include anti-inflammatory agents in their diets every day.  The reason?  Flammatory agents - like dairy products, animal products, and sugar - all wear at our joints and cartilage.  When our joints are inflamed, they are pulling double duty; of course, we can't always feel this going on, but not only do our joints absorb the shock of things we do daily (typing, walking, running, etc.) but now they have the task of attacking the flammatory agents they make them swell.  Lemon juice is a natural anti-inflammatory agent that helps reduce swelling around the joints caused by these foods and keep up the health of our joints throughout the day.  This can also reduce risk of progressive joint damage which could lead to arthritis.

#4.  Healthy Skin  The antioxidants in the lemon juice flush out your entire system of toxins.  It also combats the effects of free radical damage, such as exposure to UV light and environmental toxins.  Vitamin C helps to process the damage done by these outside effects and supports your liver in its every day work to clean you up and keep you safe.  Lemon water also improves your skin's elasticity - this means it helps avoid wrinkles. ;)

#5.  Aids in Weight Loss  Lemon water contains a few things that aid in weight loss.  First, both lemon juice and water are natural; natural foods and drinks are better for your body already.  Plus, because they are natural, they lack the typical calories that most sweetened fruit juices have.  Lemon water also contains a fiber called pectin that subsides hunger.  Not only are you not putting extra unneeded calories into your body, but you are also filling your system with pectin fiber which helps you refrain from hunger for longer.  

#6.  Cures Caffeine Addiction  This goes along with number 1, above, and I specifically put this in here for all who are currently detoxing from the wonderful liquid.  Because lemon juice and water are good for detoxifying your liver, it also aids in flushing your liver and kidneys of the elements of caffeine and the over-acidifcation that coffee causes.  This means that lemon juice flushes your system of all that is addictive in the caffeine you put into your body.  You might still go through withdrawal from it, but you can quicken the time in which you want to break your addiction.

It's important to use warm water (or preferably lukewarm) because cool or cold water shocks your sytem, and your body works to adapt the temperature to itself.  

These are all fantastic reasons to replace the food or drink in the start of your day with lemon water.  So good!  It's also cool for me to see how God has designed these natural foods for our benefit - and still we find artificial alternatives to meet the needs God has already provided solutions for!

I have been drinking fresh lemon water in my mornings for at least a few months now, and I'll usually add some lemon juice to my lunch and dinner meals to help my digestive system.  I feel so fresh after slowly drinking my lemon water, and I know everyone can benefit from adding this to their daily routines.

What healthy morning routines do you follow?  Would you try lemon water?

Here are some sources you can look at for more information:

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