Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Brit + Co.

Brit + Co. - This is an amazing craft site that I happen to fall upon while searching the internet for ways to make natural soda pop.  At first I thought it was a neat looking blog and wanted to know what engine they were using because it just looked so cool!  As I scrolled further and further and further down the ever-increasingly-long page, I realized that it wasn't a blog, but a place where bloggers have shred their creativity and (GASP!) it wasn't Pinterest!  So I've been looking through right now and finding some pretty neat things!

They have categories for style, DIY, Technology, Cooking, and Health, and a few other miscellaneous things mixed in there.  I signed up for an account, found them on Facebook to like and discovered that no one else I knew liked them!!!!!  I get so so soooooo excited when I find great new things that no one else knows about! :D
I clicked the share button wanting to tell my facebook friends about this neat site... and hesitated.  I hate sharing things with so many people because I feel like it's taking something that makes me who am I am and exposing it to people who don't appreciate it as much as I do... But I clicked Share anyways so that maybe some really crafty people can benefit from it.

This is how it happened with me and Pinterest though: I shared Pinterest with a few of my hall mates and my roommates Freshman year of college.  They had all already seen the crafty things I liked to do during the school year and thought I was pretty creative.  When I showed them what Pinterest was (after I learned about it from my now mother-in-law) none of them seemed very interested.  7 months later, I log in to Pinterest and discover that 170-something of my facebook friends have Pinterest accounts.  Great!  Or so I thought...

When I came back to school, EVERYONE AND THEIR MOTHER had a Pinterest account.  That was aggravated in a small way since the same people I showed Pinterest to asked me if I knew what it was - of course I did.  What really hurt is this: when I would make something, people would ask, "Oh my gosh!  Did you find this on Pinterest!?!?!"  That really hurt.. I had a creative mind and sense of craftiness before Pinterest ever came into being... And I thought people knew that about me - my own friends.  But since Pinterest had taken over the world at that point, nothing I could do would be considered original; it would all be taken after Pinterest.  Because of this, I've felt like I've lost my joy for creativity, for making things.

Now I've found this great new website called Brit + Co.!  It's such a neat place and I really want to share it, thinking maybe it will be among the next big things!  I just don't want to hear about how all of my natural God-given creativity is attributed to yet another website.  I just want to enjoy it for what it is and keep being who I am :)

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