Monday, September 30, 2013

Autumn's Arrival

I love Autumn, the Fall.  It's my favorite season.

This is our first Fall spent together as a married couple.

I can't wait for the chilly weather, the blue and gray skies,

dry air, scarves, jackets, jeans, boots,

pumpkin everything, spiced coffee, herbal tea, crunchy leaves,

brown grass,  bare trees, dried mangos, glowing afternoons,

plaid shirts, cozy socks, a good book, fresh bread,

church festivals, the fair, family,

banana bread, open windows, fair isle sweaters,

mountain music, no rain, dark chocolate, seeing my breath,

running in the chill, rich colors, cuddly mornings,

warm foods, new recipes, switching wardrobes, a little extra creamer,

pumpkin pie, acorns, dry bark on the trees, house slippers,

flannel, apple cider, soft rugs, hot tea, tea and coffee in my little mugs,

English muffins for breakfast, hot oatmeal, brown sugar,

warm colors, old wood, scented candles, peanut brittle, owls, lattes, decorations,

Once Upon a Time, cuddling up with my husband,

pinecones, cobblers, sweet potatoes, crisp mornings, pumpkin patches, 

kids in costumes, short days, long nights, long weekend drives, 

butternut squash soup, October, November, earth tones;

and right now it's the beginning of fall, Autumn.

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