Friday, August 16, 2013

What I Love About Walking Home

    Of all the things I think about on my way home : : I get to see Frank gain, I am hungry and want dinner, I get to relax, I can watch some TV, I can clean the house a little, I love my husband, hat should we do tonight? what should we do this weekend? : : there's one little thing while I make my way home that interrupts my thoughts so sweetly.  What is it? 

Little froggies!

There are little retention ponds around the apartments where frogs and minnows live.  When I walk home at night, I can hear for yards all the little chirping and croaking the frogs make to speak to each other.  They sound like little squeaky toys playing in a little puddle!  I know that doesn't make a whole of sense, but that's the image I get when I walk by and hear them all squeaking away!  That is such a nice little end to my day, right before I get to the comforts of home :)

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