Sunday, August 18, 2013

If It's Not One Thing, It's Another!!!


Rest Day

And Frank came home!!


I made myself go out and walk and run.  It felt really good to do something physically active again!  I started off by walking the inside loop of the apartments three times, just to warm my body up and see how my leg would be working.  I felt fine!  So I ran a lap, thinking that if I felt the need to, I would stop and just walk the rest of the time.  Well I finished one lap and went on to run a second lap!  That would equal approximately just over a half mile :)  Then I walked around once more for cool down.  I felt fine until I was walking up the stairs...

A few summers ago, I broke my tailbone... A problem I have had since it's healed is swelling in the SI tendon that surrounds that part of my backbone and pelvis.  If I do too much unexpected physical activity, I feel it swell up and get tight, and it hurts to walk or move my leg or hip or really do anything.  Sooo....


...I didn't really do much.  I even drove to work... My leg is feeling so much better, but now my back is on my nerves - literally!


I wake up and my back feels fine! :D  Thinking about the catch-up I need to do in order to continue training properly, I go to give my husband a good morning kiss and what happens?  KINK IN MY NECK!  Not a small glowering kink, not one on the side either.  It's down on the left side right above where my neck meets my spine.  And it is so painful... :'(  It's made my day horrible, I feel little spikes of pain every way I turn my head, I keep having a dull headache, and I'm having a bad day as it is!!!!!!  I just don't understand!!!!!!  What is going on!!!!!!!!!!  Advice to everyone: if you have an exercise schedule, stick to it - don't take an irregular break for any reason!!!!!!!  Ever since I took the day off from running to go to Charleston, I have had nothing but physical injuries to take care of - one right after the other!!!!!!  :(

I'm not going to let this bother me anymore!!!  I know better than to start where I left off after an extended period of time.  So I started back at week one tonight :)

I ran for 20 minutes.  Actually, I ran 2 miles in 19:57!  Frank drove around the apartment loop that we run around and measured with the car how much the distance was.  He recorded just over .4 miles= 1 loop.  So with the extra bits of feet that we add in from running further outside the driving loop, we estimated basically 1 loop = 1/2 mile.  I ran around 4 times!  Frank did an excellent job in running 3.1 miles in roughly 30 minutes - proud of you, babe ;)


Tonight is cross-training.  I wanted to take Frank up to the gym with me to do some agilities!  But here's what we did instead:

Frank ended up running with our friend Peter (he found a new running buddy! yay!) They ran 1.5 miles together, so proud of him!

I ran half a mile in 4:21, did some agilities in 30-40 yd intervals, and then finished with a half mile (4:58). The next morning: my legs feel like lumber, but I know that's a good thing ;)

I still have a pretty painful kink in my neck, and little pains are bothering me, but I'm working through them :)


Rest day... and it was raining... again...


Frank and I have been getting into the habit of running late at night... like midnight... HA! So, we went outside for a run in the cool misty air. We ran 2 miles together, since I'm trying to work back up to where I was while I was out with multiple injuries.  We ran the first 3 laps together (each lap is half a mile); these were our times for each lap:

Lap 1 - 5:41
Lap 2 - 11:35
Lap 3 - 17:27
Frank's 4th lap - 22:20
Jessica's 4th Lap - 22:58

So not that bad, right :)


Rest Day

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