Monday, August 5, 2013

Our Day In Charleston!

Our friends, Ben and Anna, had never been to Charleston before this weekend.  So we took them there and showed them the town!  We had a really fun day, despite the fact that we parked in a garage 3 miles away from the Market Place and from the Battery, and despite the fact that my shoes gave me horrible blisters - to the point where walking barefoot all over Charleston felt much better than walking in my sandals.  Other than those two mishaps, we had an excellent time together, the four of us :)

We started off our day in Charleston by visiting a fantastic restaurant in Sullivan's Island called, Poe's.  The cool things about Poe's, other than it's awesome sauce, is that it's named after the poet Edgar Allen Poe.  Why?  Because Edgar Allen Poe was stationed at Fort Moultrie in Sullivan's Island during the Civil War!  So there is plenty paraphernalia of Poe around the area.  We took a few pictures of each other as couples there :)

Next, we drove our way into the city of Charleston!  We literally walked 2.8 miles to get to the Battery, and then walked the rest of the way to Market Street.  The Battery, as Ben put it, was 'battered.'  And it felt so nice to have that fresh salty breeze blowing over us.

Once we made it to Market Street, we walked down looking at the nice old homes that are still in-tact there and made our way to the Market Place.

Something cool about the history about the Market Place:  slaves from the time of the settlement of South Carolina until the Civil War in South Carolina had great relationships with their masters, despite common belief.  Slave owners gave their slaves regular break times and free time so that they could grow their own crops and make baskets and whatnot.  When they made these things, they were allowed to walk freely to town, to what we know as the Market Place.  There, slaves were allowed to sell their things as they wanted.  Once the slaves raised enough money from their sales, they were allowed to buy their freedom - and many of them did.  Now we enjoy the Market Place as a place for local artists to sell their craft.  It's so neat!

Anna and I both want some nice hats ;)

Overall, we had a great time, despite the long walk, and they got to experience Charleston at its finest.  Hopefully we'll go back there again soon :)

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