Monday, July 22, 2013

I Ran Two and a Half Miles!!!

Yes that's right!  I did it! I can do it!


So on Thursday, I last updated you.  I was able to run for 20 minutes, and I actually got (according to the treadmill) up to 1.71 miles going between speeds of 5.0 and 6.5!  Hip hip hooray!  I'm really starting to breathe better while I run.  I know this because I can speak sentences after running for a while without having trouble breathing at the same time ;D  and I feel really good while I'm running.  I don't feel light headed or tight chested, I haven't been getting cramps, and after the run is over, I'm not really out of breath and it doesn't take me long to calm my heart rate down.  I FEEL GREAT!  


This was a rest day, but I still drank almost four bottles of water to keep my body repairing.


On Saturday, I had my brother with us.  It was a fun day!  We started off by going to the Ben Lippen track so that I could time Frank on his mile and so that we could throw the football around.  We had a great time, even though Frank hurt his knee.  I (not a professional) think he has a little bit of tendinitis in his knee because he didn't really do a lot of physical activity before this summer, and then sudden;y started using it a lot.  That's my theory for now.  We're making sure he stretches and drinks lots of water, and I'm making sure he's eating more anti-inflammatory agents and less of the foods that cause joint inflammation.  Please pray for Frank as he's healing this week!

After we were done, we went up to the gym and first went to the weight room so that Frank and Nathan could do some manly things.  After about half an hour, we went to run.  Leading up to that time, I kept saying, "I'm so scared to run... I don't know if I want to run..." And my thoughts were similarly, "I don't think I can run 2.5 miles... should I only run a mile of that? I'm so scared, what am I thinking trying to do all of this running?" and I really doubted myself.  I simply asked God for a little peace, got to the treadmill.  Turned on the Cooking Channel (that keeps my mind distracted from my body!).  And started running.  There was a point at about a mile and a half where I really really wanted to stop and didn't think I could keep going.  I got to 1.8 miles and started feeling a weird puff in one of my knees, but I knew that was my mind playing tricks on me, and the enemy trying to make me quit!  And so I pushed on!!!!

I ran the whole 2.5 miles without stop!

And when I finished, I couldn't believe it!  I have to say, I really was proud of myself!!! :D I ran 2.5 miles in 31 minutes and 2 seconds!  That's not too bad I think! And I felt so confident in myself for the rest of the day, even though my feet felt like they were on fire and my ankles were hurting from all of the pounding.  I felt great, I wasn't winded or sore, and I finished the longest distance I've gone in years!  I CAN DO IT!  Tonight I'm back down to running for 20 minutes.  I think I will try to up my speed a little bit.  This Saturday, I am supposed to attempt running 3 miles - please pray for me, for God's encouragement and for His continued strength in my life in general!  Thanks for you who have already been praying, I love you!

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