Thursday, July 18, 2013

Another Progress Update


I ran for the full 20 minutes!! Hooray me!


I actually locked my keys in my office on Tuesday.  I was almost ready to do my cross training for the day, but decided to take that chance to walk briskly alllllll over campus to try and find security so he could unlock my office for me.  I ended up walking very quickly (out of want and out of frustration!) for about 20 minutes just to find him!  I counted that as my cross-training for the day since I was a bit tired after that!


I went in to my 20 minute run thinking, " we go again... I don't really want to do this... I hate running... ugggggghhhhh...." and realized, "I have a negative mindset about this - I should be more positive!"  I'm telling you, though, it was hard!  I don't know what it was about me that made it so difficult for me to be positive about running that day, but I knew it wasn't a good attitude to have.  As I started running, I said to myself that I would do five minutes running and five minutes walking, and I would repeat that to complete 20 minutes.  Well I lost track of how long I had been running and felt fine so I ran at 5.0 for 10 minutes!  I thought maybe I would run for 10 minutes, then walk for 10 minutes.  I didn't.  I ran at 5.0 for the first 10 minutes, 4.5 for 3 minutes, 5.0 for 2 minutes, 5.5 for 4 minutes, 6.0 for 30 seconds, and 6.5 for 30 seconds!!  The fastest I've run on the treadmill since I started! :) And the best thing is: I felt refreshed after I ran for 20 minutes :) No uggghhh no, "that sucked" or anything.  I felt great :)  I think I broke that little time barrier I think the treadmill has:  Right when I hit the 20 minute mark, I was told that I ran 1.70 miles in 20 minutes!
I know it's sideways... but this is the end results from yesterday!


I'm going to do some cross-training tonight with my wonderful hubby!  Please pray for my morale... I've been really lacking self-confidence in my working out this week.  Please pray for God's encouragement to continue!

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