Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I love Bunnies

I just want to take a bunny appreciation moment to say that I love bunnies.  I love bunnies.  They are so small, and so cute, and so soft, and so sweet, and so timid, and so cuddly, and so loveable, and so bunny, and I love them :)
File:Ro pool gilberte.jpg
Brittania Betite
If any of you who know me well and want to get me a gift, get me a bunny.  A cute little white Britannia Petite bunny rabbit, or a French Angora bunny rabbit and I will be so happy :) Or just some paraphernalia of bunnies. I'd be so happy :)

French Angora
Bunnies are my favoritest and they are so cute, and they are practically therapy to me.  I love venturing to pet stores when I'm stressed, particularly because they have baby animals (which is the biggest stress relief for me), but mainly because they have bunnies.  And I love bunnies.  And I want one.  How can they be therapeutic?  Well, why don't you try looking at this little video for a few minutes when you're stressed and tell me how much better you feel when it's over?

Please tell me if you don't feel warm and fuzzy on the inside after watching this.  There's something wrong with you, and I feel so sorry for you.  But do you see why I love baby bunnies so much!? :D

Frank got me a bunny for my birthday this year, my 21st birthday :)  But we can't have pets in the apartments - so he still got me a bunny: Rabbit by Albrecht Durer.  He is my favorite artist ;)  This is the bunny rabbit we have hanging on our wall:

It may not be a cute little baby bunny like in the video, but that is my bunny and I love him :)
Someday, Frank and I will have our own house where we make the pet rules.  In that day, we will have a baby bunny... or three... And it will be so nice :)

I just wanted to share that with you, friends, you can go back to your daily lives now ;)

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