Tuesday, July 9, 2013

5-Minute Hummus Recipe

    I thought I would share some of the delicious little recipes I use to feed myself and my husband!  This is a very simple one that takes maybe 5 or so minutes, depending on how long you spend on it.  Not hard at all.  Most people like hummus, right?

You will need:
O  Chickpeas (aka Garbanzo Beans)
O  Garlic (either a clove, or minced)
O  Cumin
O  Olive Oil
O  Salt

You will also need:
O  Food chopper or processor
O  Spoon
O  Cup

And here is how I make it:

1.  Open the can of garbanzo beans.  Instead of pouring the liquid down the drain like a usual canned food, pour the liquid into a cup - we'll be using it later.  After this, pour all of the contents of the can into the food processor.

2.  For each ingredient, you will need:

     1 tbs of garlic (add or reduce according to your liking - I usually put more in!)
     1 tbs of cumin (again, flavor to your liking)
     Sprinkle of salt
     1 tbs olive oil

3.  After pouring in each ingredient accordingly, pulse the food processor to mix in the ingredients and start chopping up the beans.  Regularly, add the chickpea juice we drained at the beginning to make it smoother.  The more you add, the creamier or water you will have it.  The more you pulse the processor, the thinner and smoother it will be.  If you like your hummus thick and chunky, don't add too much liquid and don't pulse as much!  Also, you may need to use a spoon to mix around some of the food that gets caught up in the lid.

4.  After you get the contents mixed to a desired state, pour it out into a bowl, tupperware container, etc. and you have your easily homemade hummus!

(Not my photo...)

I have also heard of people mixing in other ingredients like lemon juice and tahini - that is completely up to you!

If you've never had hummus, or don't know what it would be good with, here are some ideas that taste great in accompaniment with hummus:

~ Spread for Toasted Wheat Bread
~ Pita Bread filler with other veggies
~ Mixed with Guacamole
~ Added in Sandwiches
~ Chip and Cracker dip
~ Fresh, Uncooked Vegetables (carrots, peppers, celery, etc.)

Bon appetit!!

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