Monday, July 8, 2013

Gungor's Beautiful Things Album

I first heard Gungor in high school while listening to Radio Free Florence on the radio.  I thought they sounded pretty neat and I learned a song or two by them.  About 2 years ago, when I downloaded iTunes for the first time, I bought their lovely album, Beautiful Things.  I bought the album because I was leading Bible Study for college students in Hartsville and I wanted to find some new-er Christ filled lyrics and chords to practice that was on the level of a young adult.

I didn't know what exactly I was getting into!

I have yet to write a blog about this, but the God-love language God has placed in me as a part of His design for my life is singing.  I am no great singer, but I enjoy singing anyways.  How do I know singing is my love language between me and God?  Because it's when I'm singing to Him, about Him, or even singing songs that weren't written for Him that I feel His presence so intimately.  God uses the words of a song to speak to me, and for me to speak to Him everything I want to say, but can't find the words for.  And for this gift, I am truly blessed because I get some great time with Him when I sing!  Man, I want to sing right now!

Well with this album, after listening through it a few times, I felt like, "Man, this was created for me in so many ways!"

The album starts with recognizing how human and broken and dry I am without God to give me life (1).  Next, the recognition of how great and gracious God is comes in and we ask Him to make the world new and to make us new - make us into something beautiful for Him (2).  Then some telling to world of how God is the beginning and the end, and His promise is a better and brighter day through the endurance of His love (3)!  After exclaiming His presence in the world, we become more intimate with giving our hearts to Him.  Not giving in a way of, "Okay, yeah, I guess you can have this." But in a way that a person gives the most intimate gift to the person they love with their whole heart (4).  We recognize that there is no one else ever who is like God, and nothing - not even the Bible or the Church - can contain how glorious He is and how passionate He is about us (4)!  From one lover to another, we are His Bride (5)!  And because of His love and passion for us, we find love and passion for His world.  Even though we roam the earth, the earth is not our own and we do not control it - the earth is His (6)!  And everything in it obeys Him (7)!  And as we try to get caught up in the world and all the evil the Enemy tries to spread around, He has called us out to live for Him and be the light in His world.  He encourages us and uplifts us so that we are not weak (8)!  There are times when, in trying to fight the evil of the world, we lose our strength, but we always end realizing that it's God's strength we need - not our own.  And He gives that strength to us, so restoring (9).  As He daily restores us for His Will, we praise Him, lifting His name higher (10)!  Like the Psalmist, we tell Him about how wonderful He is and that there is no one like Him.  We repetitively exclaim our love for Him and thank Him for never leaving us even when we turn our backs on Him, even when we didn't know Him - He still sought us out and called us to His side in love and we love Him (11).  God has commanded us to love, and love everyone without regard.  Even if we do everything right in deed, if we don't have love to give, we aren't doing His Will.  He has called us out, and now we must shine out the love and light that the Lord has given us (12)!  In the end, we are surrendering our humanness for His holiness, asking for forgiveness and asking Him to heal His world!  We are reminded of His glorious and His beautiful mighty love (13)!

And in one album, a picture is painted of grace, humility, endurance, love, compassion, selflessness, and it is all God - God the Father, and His Son and Holy Spirit who work for Him through us, and about God in us.  I have been playing through this album over and over again, being reminded that I am a sinner, and yet God loves me.  This is the love I should show to His world, or it will not be healed.  I feel so close to God when I praise Him through the words of this album, and I feel so one with Him.

If you're interested in hearing this God-breathed album of praise and surrender, you can find it on iTunes, Spotify, and other music kiosks.  You can find them on Facebook (maybe Twitter, but I don't like Twitter enough to go looking).  Also, you can listen to their songs on YouTube (I have added those links in the list below), or you can listen to the playlist I made containing just these songs (which I have also made on YouTube).  They're style is very eclectic containing some banjo and jazz guitar as well as some folk-sounding music and a little bit of rock and some blues.  Either way you seek them, listen for God to speak to you and praise Him, for He is so good!

Gungor - Beautiful Things

  1. Dry Bones
  2. Beautiful Things
  3. Brighter Day
  4. Heaven
  5. You Have Me
  6. Cannot Keep You
  7. The Earth Is Yours
  8. Call Me Out
  9. Please Be My Strength
  10. Higher
  11. Late Have I Loved You
  12. People of God
  13. We Will Run

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