Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Try New Things

  I knew a wise and eclectic man in my hometown who proudly encouraged his self-promoted campaign, "Try New Things."  He had bumper stickers he would give to random customers and post on the walls of the bathrooms in the coffeeshop where I often saw him.  He encouraged people to try things they normally wouldn't, and I admired his push towards this mentality.

  Although, I have found myself on occasion not entirely giving in to his philosophy of trying new things since I avoid doing anything that makes me look like I'm "jumping on a bandwagon."  So, in an effort to attempt trying new things, I am doing just that with this blog.  I am a blogging lover and I have always used Blogger (Blogspot) to embellish my thoughts and practice 'speaking' to an invisible audience in order to organize my thoughts before I actually speak them.  I still have a few blogs on Blogger that I maintain, some that are obsolete.  However, I never fancied even trying a new blog-engine, such as WrodPress.  I often thought that too many people I know use this engine, so I didn't want anything to do with it.  However, while there are uniques details that Blogger provides me with that WordPress cannot, the versa is the same - there are some things that WordPress can offer that Blogger cannot.  I am here to find out what each pro and con of these writing atmospheres are.  I'm trying new things.
  I also include with my attempt at this philosophy the show I have been observing: Doctor Who.  I figure it is something out of my natural tendencies to view, but it looks like something I could possibly enjoy if I try to.  While it has never been a 'popular' show amongst the general public, or even my friends, I have never been drawn to it for the mere reason of enough people knowing about it.

  To clarify from the beginning:  I admit that I do not always sway towards the interests of pop-culture.  I don't like jumping on bandwagons because it's a 'cool' thing.  I am not a member of the whole "hipster culture" that seems to be growing in popularity these days.  I have simply always been this way.  It's a part of who I am, throughout recollections of when I was very young.  I have always been this way - and that is what has seemingly prevented me from approaching things that are new.  While I am considerably eclectic in taste of music, fashion, entertainment, etc., I have always kept a closed-mind to things that people already know about.  Well, here's my effort to go against that regular norm of mine!

  I hope that anything I say in this blog might spark an interest in some way, so happy reading as I happily blog! 

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