Monday, July 23, 2012

Playlist and Featured Artist: Matrimony

Starting today, every other Monday, I'll add a post featuring an artist you may or may not have heard of, followed by a Jessica-made playlist based on the cool sounds of the featured artist.  They will be called "Music for the week" maybe...

So kicking off today's Music of the Week!


Our featured artist hails from Charlotte, North Carolina.  The oddball group calls themselves Matrimony, based off of the co-front people, Jimmy and Ashlee Hardee Brown.  Also in the group are Ashlee's brothers, Jordan and CJ, as well as friends Alex Watson and Shae Wooten.  Together since 2009 as the duo, Matrimony has traveled all over the Southeast  sharing their folktone music.  Jimmy Brown is straight out of Ireland, and adds his homeland Irish flair in vocals and instrumentation.  Overall, Matrimony is an energetic and enthusiastic folk band from the Southeast, anyone who matches those characteristics would enjoy a listen to them.  The featured song to give you a taste of the group is below, titled, "Obey Your Guns" -

Like them?  Check out their website at - the song you just heard is a free mP3 download!  Or you can follow their blog at!

To keep in the Matrimony-style spirit this week, my playlist for the week is as follows:

  1. Obey Your Guns by Matrimony - FREE DOWNLOAD!
  2. Shallow Grave by Tallest Man On Earth
  3. Emmylou by First Aid Kit
  4. It's Time by Imagine Dragons
  5. The Light Is You by Said the Whale
  6. Little Lie by Lindi Ortega
  7. The Eye and the Storm by Matrimony
  8. If I Ever Leave This World Alive by Flogging Molly
  9. Ireland's Call by Celtic Thunder
Thanks for listening this week!  Some of these songs are very catchy, so enjoy them this week, and feel free to dance!  The weekly playlist will vary in length from week-to-week depending on what music sounds best together.  As I said first, this will be bi-weekly.  What will fill the space in-between for the meantime?  I will be opening The Craft Room before the start of school in August ;)  Bi-weekly, you will either get a featured artist and playlist, or will find inspiration in upcycling old materials and being crafty with things you may not ever think of!  Be on the lookout for the links to my craft posts!

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