Sunday, July 22, 2012

Google+ ...

In trying to set up a few tutorials (later to be posted) using Picasa, I accidentally signed up for Google+ without knowing it...

I have used Picasa for a long time now, but never have I thought to upload them to a web album - that may be a good idea, right?  Well especially since I was having such a hard time uploading photos from my computer to my blogs, I decided now would be a good time.


A certain question box kept coming up that didn't appear to have an "x" to "x" out of it with, and I tried clicking on the gray area around it to make it disappear, but nothing changed so I figured it must be something I need to do to set up a web album in Picasa.  I went along with it... The strange thing was, I had to re-enter my password and upload a picture of myself (which I did not) and all sorts of stuff like I was signing up for an account.  I thought that I might have been, but it wasn't until I was done when I was welcomed with something saying Google+ on it, and I was told that I was a new member of the Google+ family or whatever.

I was pissed.  Needless to say.

I didn't want a Google+ account!  It's a knock off of Facebook, and I have thought this whole time that it's a lame idea!  I did not want a Google+ account.  Did not.

So I started trying to figure out how to delete my Google+ account without deleting my gmail or Picasa accounts - that would be bad.  I figured out how via other people on the internet asking the same questions, and I followed the steps as they displayed.


Well as I was reading the things Google would delete for me, and what I was going to be able to keep, I heard a voice in the back of my mind saying, "Give it a chance, it might not be that bad, and no one says you actually have to use it..."


I gave in to that little voice.  I will give this dumb idea a chance and keep you update4d on whether it's worth it or not to try.  I really don't want to, but why not?  I at least know where the delete button is if ever I need it.  I have a feeling it will be one of those things that isn't all that bad because you get news from it or something like that, but you don't use but maybe once or twice a week to read that news.

I don't know.

So keep a lookout for my upcoming tutorials on DIY projects, and also look out for my response to this darn Google+ stuff - I might change my mind about it.

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