Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Craft Room: Coming Soon!

I have created a separate blog titled "The Craft Room" for all of my crafts and DIY tutorials.  Although I still plan on using my current blog as an outlet for life through writing (typing), The Craft Room will specifically be an outlet for my crafty side to share.

The blog will include weekly craft tutorials in areas of:
  • repurposing
  • refurbishing
  • upcycling
  • re-styling
  • recipes and cooking
  • decorating
  • and craft inspiration from other places and people
  Every Monday, I will post a blog about a recent craft I have made in my own time, and I will list tutorials on each craft I make so that you can also make it for yourself.  Some of the crafts you will see are ones that I have thought of on my own.  Others have been inspired by another's craftiness!  I will be sure to give recognition where credit is due. 

  At the moment, I am looking at August 6th as my first posting date.  I already have a few tutorials set up and ready to go, and I will continue posting weekly as more people become interested.  So please share my blog with your friends and family!!  I will be sure to share on this page (The Craft Room page for Fly From the Highest Swing) so that you will be updated here every time I post a new article in The Craft Room.  My current blog (Fly From the Highest Swing) will still remain available for everything else in my life - so you can stay tuned!

  Thanks for the support everyone has given me through your viewing and moral support of my talent in actual life.  I hope you look forward to doing some crafts as much as I look forward to sharing my talent!

The Craft Room page on Fly From the Highest Swing

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