Friday, April 20, 2012

My own rendition of a Harry Potter playlist :)

  As promised, this is my personal view for a playlist for Harry Potter.  Of course, it could change in preference over time as I find new music that is reminiscent of Harry Potter and my time spent in his world, however, this is my temporary rendition of it.  Love, hate, discriminate - this was just for fun :) 

  Okay, so there are 3 Florence + the Machine songs, oh well.  This was merely for fun, and I think the last song does more justice than any.  For that song, there are tons of renditions in video making for it, and there was a different one I was looking for (oh well), but this one is really really good.  I think you can appreciate it.  
  Again, this was simply because I thought of doing it on the way back to work yesterday - only for fun.  Nothing important.  Golly, I wish Rowling would do more Harry Potter related books...


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