Friday, April 20, 2012

Harry Potter Playlist?

  I have recently - and sadly - finished reading the Harry Potter series in its entirety and I am so sad that I finished!!  I really hope that Rowling decides to continue writing about Harry Potter's children and their adventures in the future (like someday soon, Rowling, come on, I know you want to) because I am so caught up in that world!!  When I rad fiction literature, it's not always a good thing for me because I attach myself to it emotionally;  we all know, that as a girl, emotional bonds are no joke.  Unfortunately, I am also aware of how warped the seventh and eighth movies are since I actually read the book - for those of you who don't know: read the books. Seriously, it is worth your time.  Well now that you know my love for Harry Potter and the world he lives in, you might wonder, "why is there a picture of Florence Welch up above?" Well.  Throughout reading a series (whevnever I decide to read them) there's always this one particular band or musician that I just can't stop listening to.  This artist becomes synonomous with whatever I'm reading, like they were made to compliment each other.  Throughout the vast majority of the time I've been reading the HP series, I have been thoroughly listening to Florence + the Machine - to the point where I hear some of those songs and immediately think of them as themes to Harry Potter.  Weird?  I hop I'm not the only one that does that.  Anyways, on a walk I took up into town yesterday, I started thinking about all the songs everywhere that I relate to being a "Harry Potter theme song" and decided:  I'll make my own personal playlist... just because. So...
  Although Florence + the Machine has produced a plethora of songs I could use to help musically explain Harry Potter, I shall only allow myself to pick two.  Other than those two, I'll pick a few really great songs and try to find maybe 10 songs of my own liking that I feel match perfectly with the struggles and emotions of Harry Potter as a whole - this is strictly opinionated, I don't care if you disagree.  I will start composition of this playlist today while I work and listen to music, and by the time the day ends, I'll be able to give you a list of songs (at least ten) that describe Harry Potter for me.  I'll try and figure out how to do that link doohickey thing that directs you to a place where you can listen to the actual song.  Otherwise, I'll just post the youtube link beneath it.
  Not a big deal blog this morning, but that's okay - it will bear fruit soon enough.


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