Monday, April 23, 2012

A Little Catching Up

  In the past few months, there have been world events and personal events to happen that I have been a part of.  These events have gone unlisted in my history here, but I would like to go ahead and round them all together (don't worry, I'll include dates).
  The first I will mention of the possibly three I can remember is a personal event.  On Saturday, March 24, 2012, my best friend and love of my life, Frank, and I journeyed into the mystic jungles of Charlotte, North Carolina to watch the best band in the world perform: The Black Keys.

  What a fantastic couple of guys!!  Their music is grungy and reminiscent of blues and rock and roll.  Dan Auerbach, vocals, can sing a baby to sleep it's like magic.  Pat Carney, although he admits in a Rolling Stone interview that he thinks he's a crappy drummer, can really do a lot more with drums than he lets on.  I love the Black Keys - 'dey my boiis'.  Anyways, as if no one can collect at this point, I don't do well with pop-culture as they tend to destroy everything that they touch.  My fear is that my favoritest band in the world will become a subject of dumb and ingenuine people that will trash them like a rag doll.  I can't bear the thought of this!  However, after seeing them in concert with my darling I decided that, based on the fact that they are pretty selfless people who are merely trying to feed their families - not seeking fame and fortune - I don't think I'll give up on these guys.  They are too good to give up on them - even if they fall to the morons that try and overkill something for the public's liking.  I said it about a year ago today that I call the Black Keys as being pre-pop-culture and so far, they are steadily rising to fame.  I really hope that they continue to stay under the radar of people that don't want them destroyed.  According to an article I read about them, they have not signed yet to be on mainstream JUST yet.  I guess we'll see, but I love this band no matter what.  Frank and I decided collectively that we will continue to support them first-hand because we know for a fact how genuine and selfless they are.  So, that was one important event that went on in the world, but moreso, my life.

  The second in a list of events is Kony 2012.  Cover the Night took place only a few days ago on April 20, 2012 beginning at 11:30 at night and going on until the next morning.  Joseph Kony of Uganda, Africa has managed to kidnap over 30,000 kids from their homes over the recent years to begin an 'army' - once he kidnaps and brainwashes them, he gives the children guns and orders them to find their families and kill them.  Sick.  From Invisible Children, Kony 2012 has jump started based on the promptings of our generation.  It is commonly thought that young adults and other young people don't really care about anything going on in the world.  This theory has been proven wrong.  Because of our generation, over 3.6 million young adults in the United States alone have pledged to "Cover the Night" in America by participating in Community Service, writing letters to Congressmen, spray painting posters and hanging posters up all over their designated regions to get the attention of the public who - moreso than anyone else - pay less attention to these important things than young people do.   

Final thing to mark in my history...

  In secular social news, Pottermore was launched for post-Beta on April 14, 2012.  For Potter fans everywhere (definitely including myself) this finality has come as a relief; for those of us who missed the opportunity to participate in Beta (beginning on July 31, 2011 - Harry's and Rowling's birthday) due to lack of knowledge, most of us have been waiting since early August to take part in this virtual experience.  Earlier, it was listed that Pottermore was to open on Halloween (October 21, 2011) to all non-Beta members.  Unfortunately, those of us who waited up until midnight that night were disappointed to find out that it had not launched.  After keeping an eye open for the rest of Halloween wondering whether we were gipped or not, we soon discovered that Rowling and her Pottermore team were not able to release it to the public yet; it was still in Beta.  The next time it was to open was November; again, disappointment.  Then again after the New Year; do you see the trend?  Well finally, on March 8 (?), 2012, it was announced that Pottermore would open to the public in early April.  Since the very first day of April, I kept my eye on the Pottermore insider and helpfully using the Wikipedia link for Pottermore which was updated daily.  The only day in April I was unable to check for it's launch was the day it FINALLY opened: April 14th.  After midnight on the fifteenth, I created a Pottermore account, got my wand (Beech wood, unicorn core, 10 3/4 inches, quite bendy), was sorted into a House (Slytherin!), and bought an owl.  I finished the first book yesterday, and earned 34 points for Slytherin House, and then found out that the rest of the site was still in Beta.  Great.  Well at least I enjoyed the first book :) It wasn't TOO bad, pretty time consuming, but I didn't mind it, and tricky figuring out how to use Alohomora.  Overall, I'm excited for when the rest of the site finally opens - I'm ready for the third book!!  That's going to be cool.  In the meantime, I encourage you to create an account and have fun QuaffleCentaur6458 ;)


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