Thursday, July 10, 2014

blue ridge mountains.

(If you look super hard, you can see Raven Cliff Falls between me and my mom)
So guess what? My camera is completely dead...
I have/had a Nikon D70 that had two previous owners before me, and I've had it for a little more than 3 years.  I loved that camera.  On the lookout for the new one.  So these pictures are courtesy of my sweet mom and her smart phone :)  Every year, before I was Frank-and-Jessica, my family went hiking and camping to celebrate summer.
To celebrate the 4th together Frank and I went with my family on a five-day trip to Table Rock State Park to hike the eight-and-a-half mile Pinnacle mountain trail, swim in the Pinnacle Lake, hike another four-and-a-half miles to the Raven Cliff Falls look-out, slide down Sliding Rock into icy-cold water, and watch a fantastic fireworks show in nearby quaint Pickens.
Fifteen hiked miles and many achy muscles later, I did not want to leave the radiant, lush, saturated green around me, but I left breathless from the blue haze that settles on the mountains for which they have been named. I love living here.  We are already vamping up for some more trails!

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