Thursday, June 12, 2014


June is usually a strangely busy month for me... Or a very lazy one... As far as blogging goes, I have blogged less in the month of June more than most other months, annually.  Last year I didn't even post anything in June.  So for this month, I'll try to post a few things here and there, but it's already pretty busy so don't expect much.  So far this month I have:
  • Waited at the airport for Frank to come back from Europe
  • Watched my sister graduate
  • Spent time with friends
  • Helped mom get the house ready for Em's graduation
  • Worked a few hours
  • Gotten the whole house clean
  • Gone to youth group events
  • Had my brother over for a few days
  • Discussed near-future plans
  • Traveled all over SC
  • And a lot of other things...
I have yet to look forward to:
  • Travelling all over SC
  • Visiting friends
  • Watching the World Cup
  • Watching the Tour de France
  • Settling some near-future plans
  • Going to a sweet friend's wedding
  • Being the wedding photographer for her!!!
  • Going as leaders with the youth group to Georgia
  • Helping mom some more
  • Visiting family
  • Getting ready to go on a week-long camping and hiking trip
  • And a lot of other things...
So June is busy, but good.  I will share soon a detail or two from Frank's trip and I might put some thoughts out there. Otherwise, I hope you guys are enjoying your summer start as much as I am so far.  I am beginning to wind down, and I can't remember the last time I didn't think about what I had to do the next day in terms of papers and exams!!  So this time is good B)  Any big plans for the summer?

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