Monday, March 31, 2014

{Our Idiot Brother}

You were amazeballs.  How have I not heard of you before?  Thank you for reminding me to appreciate family, to make the best of what I'm given, to give others the benefit of the doubt, to be genuine and honest without blame, not to be ashamed of my shortfalls, and to do good simply because it makes the world better.  I've always had pets growing up, but now I am super excited to have a man's-best-friend to hang out with, and I'm thinking I might name her Emma Watson - because I really like her.  Still working on the male name, though.  Also, thank you for introducing me to biodynamic farming.  If I ever become a biodynamic farmer, I may instead incorporate my own beliefs rather than the mysticism that is typically involved, but I know I will have a bigger appreciation for the growth relationship between plant and earth.  I really appreciate the way you help your family learn to loosen up and love each other again.  I admired your love and quality time spent with River, and the role model you gave him that ultimately changed his life.  I hope [but know] that our kids will have an uncle like that someday ;)  You are officially one of my favorites, and I'm ready for hub-bub to meet you.  So, see you again soon!


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