Saturday, January 4, 2014

{Cousins: Sarah}

Meet Sarah.
She is very blonde.  She is 4 months and 9 days older than me, which means I look to her for life advice since she's so much older and wiser ;) She's finishing her degree for Teacher Education and has a huge heart for special-needs children.  She loves reading, and people and blenders, and she is shorter than 5'0 tall.  Best of all, she is my cousin!  She and I got to hang out and catch up on life today, while we ate spaghetti and talked about philosophy classes and childhood memories.  While we love the idea of staying in contact, we share the same gene of not being good at keeping in touch.  Maybe we will resolve to change that in 2014?  All the same, she's cute and fun and I love her very much :)

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