Saturday, January 4, 2014

{3Q's When Purging Clothes}

So your closet is full of good clothing that you got for sale somewhere, or that you got for free from some hall box, or somewhere else.  You love every scrap of clothing you have even though your closet is on the brink of collapsing from the weight of it all and there's no room (or sanity) for anything else in your closet (and most of your room, for that matter).  The problem is, you keep getting more and now you've got nowhere to put it!  Time for a purge.

You are not alone, many of us {women, particularly} suffer from this same problem.  But there is hope!  A three step remedy.  Go through each article of clothing, one-by-one and ask these three questions, a three-step program to better closet health.  It will make all the difference in your little world.

The 3Q Program
1.  Do you like it?

How many times have you gotten a cute blouse because "it was only a dollar!" at some thrift store?  Yeah, it might have been cute, but you didn't really like it.  You just bought it because you could afford it.  Well, if you still don't like it, give it to someone who will; give it to a good home!  If you keep something just because it was a good find, then you're going to shrink your space quickly.  However, if you do like it, move on to question number 2.

2.  Do you wear it?

So you really like that skirt you got for free, but you never wear it; “I can’t find anything to match with it,” “It’s never the right temperature/occasion for this,” etc.  Well, honey, if you’re not going to wear it, or if you haven’t worn it in over a year, then you will never wear it.  Just let it go.  Yes it’s cute, but it’s a cute contributor to clutter if you’re not actually going to use it.  If you do wear it, move on to question three.

3.  Does it look good on you?

Just because you like it, and just because you wear it does not mean it actually flatters you.  How many times have you tried to convince yourself that it actually doesn't look that bad?  Find a person (trusted friend, spouse, etc.) and really get their truest opinion.  Does it look good on you?  Sometimes, it matters more how you feel in it, than how someone else thinks you look in it.  Ask yourself, do you really think it looks good on you?  Do you feel comfortable wearing it?  If not, then get rid of it.  There are plenty of other clothes in the world that you will end up loving that actually accentuate the good parts of your figure and flare, not the frumpy, awkward parts.

If you get to some items in your closet that you aren't entirely sure you should get rid of, here’s a little trick: hang up all of your clothes with the hook of the hanger pointing towards you (the wrong way).  When you wear something and hang it back up again, hang it up the right way.  In six months – long enough to finish one entire season – if the hanger is still facing the wrong way – get it out!

What are some other rules of purging you follow when cleaning out your closet?

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