Friday, January 10, 2014

{Our First Mooniversary}

January 7, 2014 marked the first anniversary of the day two people, very young, sought out God's guidance and took the plunge in tying the knot.  Now, one year later, Frank and I are celebrating one long and lovely year together!  We have both gone through much stress from various sources, faced a lot of internal and external challenges, and we've had sooo many fantastic and loving memories.  We have found a few new interests to share, and we have started working towards our five-year plan - understanding that, with God, our plans should be loosely held ;)  So here are some snapshots from our first anniversary: Asheville, NC, January 6-8, 2014.

Day 1: Biltmore Estate
 Every time we go, our first stop is this hill, in front of the Diana statue.  We re-create the scene from when he proposed in May 2012.

 You can see this bridge in The Last of the Mohicans, one of our favorite movies ;)
 Biltmore's food supply is self-sustaining; they grow their own food and prepare their own cattle.

Day 2: Our Anniversary
 We slept in!
 We spent the day out in Biltmore Village.  So cute!  We loved some of the shops we found.
 These were the cutest squeeky little birds...
 This is blown glass by a local artist.
 Some of our favorite shops were Tree & Vine, Blue, and New Morning Gallery.
 We ate our anniversary dinner at Longhorn's - we were glad we chose to go here, we didn't have to dress up in the cold!
 Did I mention it was 15 degrees today?
At dinner, we talked about our year.  Some of our favorite moments were dancing in the kitchen, and taking care of sick pankies.  We loved reflecting.  We also talked about what we want to reflect back on this time next year.  Year two can only get better than year one!
 Back at the hotel, we ate the top of our wedding cake with some sweet pinot grigio.
 And we cut the cake, once again, one year later :)

Day 3: Antiquing in Asheville
 This place was HUGE.  We could only get through a quarter of the warehouse in about 2 hours!!

 We then ate at Corner Kitchen in Biltmore Village.

 I learned something about myself:  I like fries with every meal.  I love trying new things, as long as it comes with a side of fries.

To conclude the three-day celebration of our first anniversary together, we talked about all we loved about the past year together.  We realized that, without conscious thought, we were trying to be something besides who we are naturally.  We are going to help each other work on that department.  In the next year, we want to do more travelling for fun.  We want to look back on this coming year with memories of the little things, showing love through kitchen dances and sweet notes left for the other.  This was a wonderful, beautiful, loving first year spent together.  We cannot believe that we have already been married for a year!  Year numero dos: together, with God defending us, we are comin' for ya'!
~The Adventures of Panky and Bunbun~

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