Friday, January 10, 2014


The sweet sound of roots music is my favorite.
Some of my favorite genres include blues, blues rock, folk, mountain music, bluegrass, soul, and jazz.
All of these genres are integrated into a single genre of music called roots, or Americana.
The reason why is because each of the previously listed genres all began here in America.  The sounds you hear came out of some of the roughest, and best times in the United States, times our ancestors experienced.  The reason each of these genres have their name is because of the story constantly being told by the person singing in these styles.  This music has been influenced by people of many races, many cultures, and many stories.  Regardless of where we are going politically, culturally (musically) we are ever-developing sweet unmitigated resonations that record the life of each era.
This is called Americana.  And I love it.

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