Saturday, November 9, 2013

{My Friends Today}

I've been in the library since 2 minutes after it opened (10:02).
It's been a good morning so far, a bit productive.
I've fixed the format of one of my Word Studies, and I have started on the Figurative Language.
My hopes are to get the Word Studies, Figurative Language and Context done by 5 today, when the library closes.  I have added on book after book, and I am surrounded now!
My Herm Final is on Acts 16:11-15.

I can add, now, another 3 hours to my Herm Final time!  I'll be going home for a quick lunch, coming back to my room here, and finishing up the Fig Lang before moving on to Context.  These books have been my friends today.  Thankful for them.  And sick of them.

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