Friday, October 18, 2013

Tin Can Lanterns

It's getting close to Halloween!

And I am getting stoked about decorating for it!  I've been a little slack on progress towards decorating, aside from all the pumpkins I got for the house, but it's comin' along ;)

I followed a tutorial here to make Tin Can Lanterns.  Here is my rendition of tin can lanterns for Halloween.  I actually made it last year, but never got them up in a post! Of course, this craft can be applied to any time of year! :

(You can tell this picture was taken last year because the paper this lantern is sitting on was the rough draft of our wedding invitations!)

Some pointers I learned while making this are:
  • Make sure you do this on ground that you don't mind ice melting on!
  • It's tough to keep the can still while you hammer the nails through it.
  • I actually ended up using a screw driver to make the nails - this was easier for me.
I hope you're enjoying this wonderful October month!  Halloween is right around the corner!

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